Noel Shaw       IRISH ARTIST
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Gallery 1 
Welcome to Gallery 1 which contains a selection of paintings, old & new.

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"Bringing down the sheep"-Murlough Bay

"Brief encounter"

"The Great Escape"

"On the road to Slemish"


"Clock repairs"

"Herding cows-Glendun"

"Before the rain"

"Two men and a dog"

"The whistle lesson"

"Early snow near Broughshane"

"Letter to Santa"

"Milking time"

"3 is company"

"loading peats"

"Days work done"

"music by the fireside" (new)

"Home before dark"

Winter in the Braid"


"At the end of the day"

"Winter fodder,near Slemish"

"Tempus fugit"

"Winter fun"

"The ploughman"

"Musical evening"

"Bringing home the sheep near Slemish"

"Feeding Grandmas chickens"

" Bringing up the sheep-Murlough Bay"

"An attentive audience"


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